Using Bitcoin is as easy as Email!

ShuBitcoin Bitcoin Email
Open an email account and get an email addressFor example:
ShuBitcoin Bitcoin
Open a Bitcoin Wallet and get a Bitcoin addressFor example: 1Lqx7VV1u4q9QRY2f64Bd17ZVc8XZCHZbT
Access your email account to see all the emails you’ve sent and received
Access your Bitcoin wallet to see all the bitcoins you’ve sent and received (known as Bitcoin transactions)
Receive an email from a friend by sharing your email address
Receive bitcoins from a friend by sharing your bitcoin address (this is one way to get bitcoins)
Send an email virtually for free to a friend by entering their email address
Send bitcoins virtually free to a friend by entering their Bitcoin address

Other ways to get bitcoins

ShuBitcoin Bitcoin Handshake
Convert money from your local currency into bitcoins (either on specialized online money exchangers or in person)  
ShuBitcoin Bitcoin Shopping Cart
Sell your products or services to customers that will pay you in bitcoins  

So, what is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a revolutionary form of money accessible anywhere in the world, simply through an internet connection or phone

What can I do with Bitcoin?

ShuBitcoin Bitcoin Friends
Send money to your friends and family instantly anywhere around the world and virtually free
ShuBitcoin Bitcoin Price Tag
Buy your favorite products online
ShuBitcoin Bitcoin Card
Or sell your products or services for bitcoins without any transaction fees
ShuBitcoin Bitcoin donation
Donate to charities in need

How does Bitcoin work?

Bitcoin, like the Internet, works thanks to millions of connected computers around the world running a special Bitcoin software program. This Bitcoin program keeps track of all Bitcoin transactions, and ensures the Bitcoin network is secure and that your money is stored safely. Curious to know more?

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